Figure Your Shit Out Lebron

Is it really summer if Lebron James isn’t making it all about himself. The guy does this every year where he only signs a one year deal with a player option so he can find some way to stay relevant. I mean it’s not like he is the best player on the planet and whatever team he goes to is an instant contender so he really needs to stop making summers about himself. What a selfish scumbag move from a guy who obviously has a problem with his ego and is trying to stay relevant.

Lebron James looks on during a game against the Indiana Pacers. (Photo: David Richard, USA TODAY Sports)

That being said I understand the idea that he might go to Los Angeles but come on. If he really wants to make it to another finals he has to go somewhere that at least has a chance. Whoever LA can get in free agency still won’t be enough to win in a very loaded Western Conference. Think about it this way no matter what place the Lakers get in the west with James they will still have to face a one through four team in the second round. the most likely teams with those ranking would be Golden State, Houston, and either Minnesota or New Orleans. Denver is going to be tough, Oklahoma City is always tough and you can never count out Portland. So even in the first round a James lead Lakers team would have a hard time. Moral of the story the west is really fucking hard.

I also don’t think that people realize if James leaves the east the east will go from having a chance in the championship to absolutely no chance. The best thing about the playoffs is competition and yes the conferences will be competitive but the finals will continue to be a sweep or a gentleman’s sweep with the west winning.

Now I like to believe that James is smart and wants to win more championships so the best option in my opinion is Philadelphia. The 76ers have two players that will dominate the league for years and with the addition of James, they would pose the biggest threat to the western conference. The west is too hard for James so why would he go somewhere where he can’t win. I just broke everyone with that. If he wants to win he needs to stay in the east. I know everyone thinks he is going to leave Cleveland but that might be his best option if he wants to win. I think if Cleveland ships out Kevin Love and tries rebuilding the team that might possibly be the only way they can keep James.

If he does stay in the east and it’s not Cleveland, again 76ers are the best option. I don’t think anywhere else is an option but who knows. This is one of the greatest players of all time and he needs to decide soon because I am absolutely sick and tired of waking up every morning to some stupid notification about him. I don’t give a shit about his decision cave or him jumping from a cliff and way over hyping himself. I get it this guy is important but for the love of fucking god please figure your shit out Lebron.

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