5 Songs that made me shake my little ass this week.

This will be the start to what I hope to be the epitome of bangers.  A smorgasbord of toe tappin’, rump shakin’ jams.  Now keep in mind that this is from my point of view with my taste in music, so if you don’t like it go listen to your cousin loving music.  If you care to follow this ever-growing playlist, follow me on Apple Music @Tatertizzle.

1)Mine – Bazzi

Now I was a bit late on this one.  So now I am at the point where if I play it around my contemporaries, they give me shit for it.  Does that stop me from belting it out any chance I get?  Absolutely not.

2) Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest

This is me paying homage to one of best groups of all time.  Phife’s verse in this gets me jazzed up every time.  And Q-tip can do absolutely no wrong.

3)Who Run It – Three 6 Mafia

You know a song is a classic when all the young rappers start taking the beat and freestyling over it.  The freestyles have their place but there is nothing quite like the original.

4) Change Your Ticket – One Direction

Bet you never thought you’d see One Direction and Three 6 Mafia on the same list before now did you?  The whole FOUR album could be a bangers list on its own, but I will sprinkle them in as I see fit.

5) New Light – John Mayer

I am a firm believer that if I could trade lives with one person it would be John Mayer.  The man is a clear proprietor of big dick energy and he drives the ladies wild.  Chicks dig it and so do I.


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