Lebron James Heard My Prayers

So I think I’m a wizard or something because Lebron James must have read my last post and answered it. The man “coincidentally” signed with the Lakers the day after I posted. I don’t think it was a coincidence I think Lebron James is one of my very few fans.

Lebron Answering My Prayers

The negative part of him answering my prayers is he made me look like an idiot by signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. He signed a 4 year 153.3 million dollar contract today. This is a fuck load of money and I couldn’t even imagine if I got a check with a thousandth of that. The man deserves it and I think he’ll need it when he’s knocked out of the playoffs early next year.

Look I don’t buy it. The Lakers current roster looks interesting and people talk about how he carried a shitty Cleveland team to the finals, but please pump the motherfucking breaks. The East is far from the West . The West is wildly competitive and with the addition of James there is absolutely no way the West loses a finals for at least five years. The teaming of James and Lonzo Ball is very intriguing. Ball is a pass first player, but can attack when necessary which is what James has lacked. He also surrounds himself with youth, but I doubt the Lakers are done making moves.

This will probably lure another star to them, but if the Lakers make a trade it could mess with the chemistry. Who knows but I am interested to see how this works out. All I can really say about this move is I don’t hate that.

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