What Will Carmelo Destroy Next

Carmelo Anthony’s future free agency has the sports world in a frenzy trying to decide where he will go next. Most people think he’s going to link up with one of his friends to form a “super team” which is very possible. I don’t think his acquisition will make any team super. I do think he will rekindle a relationship with either Lebron James or Chris Paul. Too bad the Thunder can’t find a trade partner for him. They will let him go and get nothing in return proving the failure of the “big three” experiment in Oklahoma City.

Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony
Sue Ogrocki, Associated Press file In this Sept. 25, 2017, file photo, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George (13), Russell Westbrook, center, and Carmelo Anthony (7) pose for a photo during an NBA basketball media day in Oklahoma City.

Now it’s easy to see why no one wants to trade for him. If he becomes a free agents he’s more likely to sign for a lot less, but the question is where would he sign. Houston and Los Angeles are the main teams being talked about, but I don’t think either of these teams should risk it. Anthony gives you another scorer sure, but he also wants the ball more.

The best place for him out of those two would be Los Angles. They are already waiting for next years free agents so they could take a chance on Anthony. This gives them another scorer who could work with Lebron James. The down side is he would have to start and might take away from the development of the younger players. If they could sign him to a one year deal it could work as an experiment, but Anthony probably wants more security than that.

If he goes to Houston and hooks up with Chris Paul and James Harden, the better passing Russell Westbrook and the better scoring Paul George, it could pose a challenge. I think Paul is a better leader to incorporate Anthony and his three-point shooting would be more than encouraged. This could be a very real destination for Anthony if he takes a pay cut. The other upside would be his lack of defense would work perfectly with the whole teams lack of defense. The more I write about this the more I like the idea. He’s probably going to Houston now.

Whatever happens to this man will change a team for better or worse. He is still a decent player but the NBA is changing and Anthony has refused to change with it.If he changes any team he’s on will prosper and if he doesn’t it will be another Thunder shit show.

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