Devin Booker Is Getting Paid

As an Arizona fan it’s extremely hard to cheer for a team that won’t stop losing. The Phoenix Suns have sucked for years and the only bright spot over the past three years has been Devin Booker. Booker just signed at five-year, $158 million contract to stay with this rebuilding team. For his career he’s averaging 19.8 points per game, according to basketball reference, which is quite a bit for a young star who’s never made an all-star team. Unfortunately for him he plays in an incredibly difficult Western Conference. Unless he really shows out he probably won’t make an All-Star team. He averaged 24.9 points per game this year. This was more points than over half of the All-Stars this year proving Booker is extremely underrated.

devin booker
AP Photo/Eric Gay, File

Any team would have been lucky enough to get Booker if he would have become a free agent. He’s 21-years-old and is an incredible scorer with tremendous upside potential. The Suns had to sign him and the addition of DeAndre Ayton could help the young team flourish. The Suns have picked up Trevor Ariza as well to help the young guys develop. The trio of Booker, Ayton and Josh Jackson sounds like a pretty good young group to build around. I don’t think this will immediately transfer into more wins but it looks good for the future.

When next year’s free agency rolls around and everyone in the west moves to the east the Suns just might make a move into the playoffs. The lack of experience is hard for the Suns but look how Philadelphia’s experiment worked out. Hopefully the Suns are the next Philly team and all these young pieces mesh together bringing the Suns back to their former glory. The Suns currently have the second longest playoff drought, missing the post season eight consecutive seasons. It is so hard being a Suns fan, but with the acquisition of Ayton and the commitment to Booker – gives me hope. This better work.

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