5 Things I Don’t Hate About The Lakers

The move that shook the NBA world was Lebron James going to Los Angeles and leaving Cleveland, again. This move was foreseen by many and made the Western Conference more competitive than ever. We all thought last year’s Western Conference teams were stacked but with the addition of James, another team just entered contention. People have been questioning the moves LA has made since signing James, but I’m here to tell you they aren’t all that bad.


Jason Miller, Getty Images

5) They have brought in some good pieces.

People have been questioning the addition of JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson and Rajon Rondo. I think these additions are genius. They all bring hard work and two out of the three bring championship experience. That, along with James will help the youth grow.

Lance Stephenson is one of the hardest working and antagonizing players in basketball. He helped the Indiana Pacers push the Cleveland Cavaliers to seven games in the playoffs. The effort and mind games Stephenson showed during the series should prove invaluable to a team that only knows how to lose.

McGee brings championship experience and important rim protection to a team lacking a decent big man. He also might have some secrets about the warriors.

Rondo has been bouncing from team to team and hasn’t found a good fit but with the Lakers he just might. To me, Rondo is a player who demands respect and hard work from his teammates. This is probably a reason for his failure with other teams. The Lakers are so young that a player like Lonzo Ball could benefit from learning under Rondo. All these players are on one year deals that will allow the Lakers to go after another free agent next off season.

4) They have made moves to improve next year.

The one year deals they made with McGee, Rondo, Stephenson and Kentavious   Caldwell-Pope show that they are prepping for the future. James believes in the process as well by signing his four year contract. It sounds interesting for the Lakers to try and find another super star through trades, but if they make a trade they could be risking their future. They have a lot of young talent and they should try keeping all of them and let them grow around Lebron. They will have a better chance next year to land Kawhi Leonard or whoever they want in free agency and keep their young talent.

3) They are keeping the young guys.

Like I have said before the young guys will learn from James, Rondo and Stephenson. Cleveland has failed over the past years because of their lack of youth. According to Hero Sports the Cavilers had the oldest team in the NBA and the third oldest team after the trade deadline. This is absolutely a contributor to why the Cavs sucked in the playoff but the Lakers are taking another route. The youth is the key and Lakers could be built to last.

2) They are giving the team a chance to grow.

Free agency is far from over and the Lakers could make any move at any time. At the moment I don’t hate this roster and I could get behind the process of what LA is doing. LA will most likely get into the playoffs this year but I don’t think they have a chance to win the championship. That being said, the addition of another star next year would be a smoother transition than adding one this year. If the team they have now is given a chance to create chemistry they could be deadly in a couple years.

1) Lebron James

Obviously this would be number one. James is the greatest player in the world and might possibly go down as the greatest of all time. Adding him to any team makes them an automatic contender and a young team like the Lakers might be able to make James’ career even longer. He will help this team from day one and has and will continue to attract good players to the team. This is quite possibly the team of the future but until they beat the Golden State Warriors they still have a lot of growing up to do.

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