Rec League Softball Hardo: An Exposé



As Beer League softball is in full swing (couldn’t help myself), we must take a minute to appreciate the douchebagery that is the Softball Hardo.  Quick way to spot one is usually by their neon uniform with entirely too many arm bands.  The Hardo’s are usually very vocal leaders who treat their routine softball game like game seven of the World Series.  They make sure their team knows who is alpha by only allowing his or her self to bat clean up.  No other spot in the order will suffice. “I hit bombs in high school,” is a phrase commonly shouted.  Always a shortstop or third basemen, just to ensure the entire world knows they have a cannon.  They lose their marbles if they feel a certain teammate isn’t pulling their weight.  And if they lose.  Oh boy if they lose.  Just steer clear.  And if they happen to be on your team, prepare yourself for some Knute Rockne type speech in the dugout.  Basically just do your best to avoid these people if you plan to have any fun in your softball league this year.

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