Buttery vs Slay

Anybody who rides dirt bikes and has Instagram knows of these two moto rivals. Connor Ericsson (aka Buttery Films) and Axell Hodges used to be well-known moto buddies. Connor was consistently posting Instagram edits of Axell Hodges before they both became social media celebrities. However, there has been some drama between the two recently.

photo by @zachsteria

In preparation for the “X-games Real Moto “ video, it is rumored that Axell Hodges supposedly stole a trick from Josh Hill, a good friend of Connor. Now it’s not clear as to who came up with the trick first, but slowly drama started to emerge on the internet. However, it was when Buttery had posted an Instagram picture directly calling out Axell for being a “sell out” and “spoiled” that the drama emerged. Axell has yet to speak on the matter, but of course internet goons have all taken one side or the other.

Me personally, I don’t see why people can’t just be fans of both. Of course Axell is the more clean-cut, goody-goody type guy, but he can fucking shred a dirt bike. Buttery can ride pretty well too, but what his attraction is more along the lines of “motoxxx” type vibes. A punk rock, breaking laws and don’t give a fuck type attitude. They are polar opposite styles, so it’s pretty ridiculous that people can’t disassociate between the two. People should just let them have their beef and still be fans of both dudes. Of course Buttery’s fans are more mouthy, essentially harassing Axell in the comment sections of all his content.

Let both dudes be bad ass in their own way and let’s all enjoy dirt biking.

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