Does Manny Machado Help The Dodgers

Yes. Manny Machado is a beast of a hitter and an incredible defensive player. The Dodgers are 20th in the MLB in batting average and if they want to keep their spot at the top of the NL West they needed to make this move. Personally I hope it fails, go Diamondbacks, but I do think this move will benefit the Dodgers.

Manny Machado punching his way out of Baltimore (Getty)

The Dodgers could benefit from more pitching, but the move for better hitting puts them in good position as well. Clayton Kershaw is one player who needs to step up his game if this team wants to return to the World Series. The World Series is possible for them, but if they want to win they might need to make one more move for pitching depth.

Machado helps at both ends of the plate and the Dodgers are probably the favorite to go to the World Series from the NL. Unfortunately the AL is extremely competitive and the winner on that side will probably win the Series. From the Astros, Yankees, Red Sox and even the Indians, the AL is so stacked. This move might help them get to the World Series, but I don’t see it going farther, and personally I don’t hate that.

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