G-Money’s Pixar List

The gang got together a couple of weeks ago and wrote up our list of Pixar movies. After seeing Incredibles 2, we decided that it was time to make this list and I’ve got to say, there are some red flags in these rankings. Full disclosure, none of us have seen all the Pixar movies so don’t hate it. We will each put out our own individual list and update them when we see the other movies, but for now enjoy these ones.

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Movies I haven’t seen Brave and Inside Out.


18)Cars 2-A Very bad movie just no redeemable qualities.

17) Cars 3-Another bad movie from the Cars crew.

16) Cars- Do I need to say more about these movies, but I will give this one more credit.

15)Monsters University- Not as good as the original and a rare miss for the Pixar crew

14) The Good Dinosaur- Eh. The part when they eat hallucinogenic berries is weird for Pixar, but all in all a strange movie that probably wont stand the test of time.

13) Finding Dory- It was good and it’s just a compliment to Pixar that this movie is so low, but still good.

12) Bugs Life- Good and I get a lot of shit for this, but it just isn’t one that I like that much.

11) Coco- Pixar is getting a little more diverse and this is a great movie to make that jump.

10) Ratatouille- I love cooking.

9) Finding Nemo- Another movie I get a lot of shit for, but I just think there are better movies. Not taking anything away from this gem.

8) Incredibles 2- A great sequel that I have wanted for 14 years. I was so excited for it and it didn’t disappoint.

7) Wall-E- A movie that can make me care about two characters that barely talk is a movie that I can get behind. I love this movie.

6) Up- I can’t help but tear up to the beginning of the movie. I love it and I can turn it on whenever and it gets me every time.

5) Toy Story 2- A great first sequel. I love Toy Story and the fact that it stands the test of time is just a hats off to the Pixar crew.

4) Incredibles- A great movie that left me wanting more. It is the best Fantastic Four movie ever made.

3) Monsters Inc.- An all time great in the Pixar dynasty. I grew up on this movie and it is another one that I tear up during every time. Pixar just knows how to make characters lovable and they struck gold here.

2) Toy Story 3- The movie none of us knew we needed. Holy shit this movie is emotional. I think I like it so much because of the darker tone it set and I felt like I grew up with Andy. Damn it I’m tearing up now.

1) Toy Story- It really could not have been any other movie. The first and greatest Pixar movie of all time is still watchable today and it set up the franchise of movies that I can’t get enough of. I hope Toy Story 4 doesn’t suck.

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