Kingman Az. Makes a Joke of Kingman Az.

Sacha Baron Cohen came through this small little town a few months back to get footage for his new show ‘Who is America?’ Now I happen to be from Kingman (as ashamed of that I am to say) so I feel that I can speak directly to the culture and diversity in this city. Let me first start off by saying that not all Kingmanites share the same values as those that were shown. All Sacha Baron Cohen did was give these people a platform to be apart of a focus group and speak their minds. And boy did they speak their minds. There is a definite lack of diversity in this town and a part of me always wondered why. Maybe it’s that we don’t have big city amenities that could attract tourists and potential new residents? No it’s definitely the sawed off totin’, confederate flag flyin’ bigots that are stuck in the way things used to be. I mean one of our local shops held a “heritage not hate” meeting for crying out loud. All I can say is that some of us were brought up properly and were taught about basic societal traits like accepting everyone regardless of what or who they may identify as. Shame on you Kingman.

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