Sacha Baron Cohen Puts Kingman AZ. In The Spotlight

You know the old phrase, all publicity is good publicity. Well that couldn’t be more wrong on the representation of Kingman, AZ. in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show Who Is America? .  Kingman is the center piece of Cohen’s joke about building a mosque and guess what, Kingman people hated it. Cohen was disguised as Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello and proposed a $385 million mosque to a focus group of Kingman people. I mean look, being from Kingman, AZ., I know there is a huge lack in diversity and I welcome anyone that wants to live in Kingman with open arms. The people in this video don’t represent all of Kingman, but unfortunately they are the only ones people see in the media. It’s a bad look for them and a worse look for Kingman.

Sacha Baron Cohen on Who Is America? Photo: Showtime


Cohen is famous for pushing buttons and doing mock interviews with famous people. He has made a career in exposing people. Making them look stupid, inconsiderate and just plain ignorant. This was the exact outcome that I would have expected, but it’s extremely sad to see it. A man in the video says “I’m racist against Muslims.” The people continued and also said “Why would we want to protect them if we don’t even want them here?” The icing on the cake would be “This town is lucky to have black people in it.” What the fuck are these people saying. This is so disgraceful and just sad that people can’t accept others.

I hope at some point people can accept others and not stereotype each other. Like I said before, not everyone in Kingman is like these people. Now people in Kingman will be labeled as racist, bigoted and intolerant. Is that really what anyone wants?

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