Enes Kanter: Confirmed Trash

Enes Kanter has had a pretty rough offseason.  He has held several camps across the US and Canada this summer, and a few videos have surfaced of these kids giving him the absolute business.  Now, I’m no professional NBA player, but if I were my number one rule would be to not be scored on, especially at these 5-18 y/o camps.  The first clip in this video is him playing knockout with some kid who look no older than 12.  The kid proceeded to win the game after Enes bricked a few 13 footers.  Granted, knockout isn’t necessarily the greatest showing of athletic prowess, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.  The next one is completely inexcusable.  He’s playing 1-1 against the next kid.  First off,  he is an absolute liability on defense.  I miss the videos where NBA players are sending kids shots 3 rows up.

Enes Kanter is buying into the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality.  Absolutely despicable.  This kid buries deep 3 after deep 3 in his face and he continues to do nothing about it.  To add insult to injury, after this kid hits the game winner and the camp goes crazy,  this one little bastard yells in his face.  “You trash!” the prepubescent boy screams as Enes looks on in disbelief.  I’m sure he’s just wishing for this summer to end so he can  go back to being James Dolan puppet during the regular season. He’s probably really happy that the Knicks have a “chance” in the East now that Lebron won’t keep making him his bitch.

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