Drake Makes Everything Better

A phenomenon that has stayed true in fashion, music and athletics is that Drake makes everything better. I have been saying this for a while, and after listening to Travis Scott’s new album, I decided to put it to writing. Drake is featured on his song SICKO MODE. I knew Drake was on this album, before I heard any of the songs and before I had gotten the album. Drake made an impression that had social media buzzing with his line, “I did half a Xan, thirteen hours ’til I land Had me out like a light.” This lyric was all I knew before I listened to the song. People went crazy for this song and I don’t blame then. It’s definitely a banger.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Now Drake doesn’t just make things better, he is involved in everything as well. In the world of athletics, he has been a huge supporter of Toronto’s NBA team the Raptors. He shows up to their games and also has been seen talking trash to the other team during them. Drake is mentioned every time he is seen at a Raptors game. He was also talked about when he posted a thank you to DeMar Derozan on his Instagram. Drake is always somehow around sports and people love it.

I’m not a particularly fashionable guy, but I do know that people really care about Drake’s fashion choice. A big decision people are waiting on is if he will sign with Nike or Adidas. After his feature on Travis Scott’s album people think he’s going with Nike. “Jesus Christ (yeah), checks over stripes (yeah),” this is the verse that has people thinking he’ll choose Nike. This would be big for Nike as Adidas has attracted athletes worldwide and many big named celebrities.

Back to the music, Drake makes banger after banger, and his music is responsible for many different viral videos. His most recent has been the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge; a dance that athletes and normal people all got into.

This man can’t stop winning. Whenever he is involved, you can expect a great song. Drake featured on a Migos song ‘Walk It Talk It’, the only song off their new album that I could consistently listen to.

Even after the controversy with him and Pusha-T, Drake has been able to stay extremely popular.

Drake is such a polarizing figure that people are going to continue to talk about him. If he keeps putting out music and content ,people will keep listening. As long as his stuff is good, I don’t hate it.

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