Rated-R’s Pixar List

George Simpson

19.) Cars 3- Same ole jokes, very stale movie.

18.) Cars 2- How many times can you write the same movie.

17.)  Brave- As far as Pixar movies go, Brave was very underwhelming. Nothing standing out.

16.) Finding Dory- In comparison to finding nemo, this movie fell a little flat. Poorly executed spin-off.

15.) Bugs Life- I honestly really enjoyed this movie. It was early Pixar, hence why its low on my list. Compared to newer Pixar movies, this doesn’t hold up as well. However, for its day this movie was the shit

14.) Monsters University- Monsters Inc. is an all time classic. This spin off isn’t the worst, but it’s definitely not up to Monsters Inc. standards.

13.) Incredibles 2- This movie is really good. It was not a bad movie and was worth the wait. Pixar movies are always so good it’s hard to put this at 13.

12.) Cars- Being an original movie and based on an area I recently moved to, this movie is nostalgic to me.

11.) inside out- A creative way to personify emotions and a solid plot.

10.) Wall-E – For a movie with very little dialogue, this movie says a lot.

9.) Coco- It hooks you in with great visuals and a compelling story.

8.)Ratatouille- Mmmmmm food.

7.) Finding Nemo- Quotable and it really defines my childhood.

6.) Toy Story 2- These movies are great. I don’t need to explain further.

5.) Incredibles- The only bad thing about this movie is we had to wait 14yrs to continue the story, but it was worth it.

4.) Monsters Inc.- This movie has become iconic in my life. For its time, the visuals and details that went into this movie are impressive.

3.) Up!- Holy shit this mother fucking movie is so good. It will make any grown man cry. This movie shook my whole foundation with it’s story of an old grump with a heart of gold. it will make you cry from beginning, middle and end. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

2.) Toy Story 3 – This movie is my daddy. It’s written for all ages and will keep you entertained from start to finish. How did children’s movies get so good.

1.) Toy Story- If this movie isn’t your number one movie you are a pussy boiiii. Greatest movie in all of Pixar’s catalog. It was the earliest movies they did and laid the groundwork for all their movies to follow.

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