Pineapple Express Turned 10 Years Old Today And I Feel Old

OK I’m only twenty, but seeing that today is the ten-year anniversary of Pineapple Express, made me feel old. This was the movie that really cemented Seth Rogen as a leading man. It also introduced the world to Danny McBride and his goofy high jinks. James Franco also makes a huge leap from his regular serious roles to pursue a lovable and stupid pothead with a heart of gold. This change of character also earned him a Golden Globe nomination. This is a classic movie that will absolutely stand the test of time. We also cannot forget about the hilariously uncoordinated fight scene between Rogen, Franco and McBride’s characters.

Pineapple Express


Today’s anniversary was also helped by Seth Rogen tweeting  facts about the movie.

A classic movie from ten years ago. Think about that.

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