My House Sucks

This post probably won’t get a lot of looks, but I just had to write about how much my house sucks. I just moved into a new house in the town that contains my college and boy I hate that I moved in the first place. Conflicting differences between eight roommates forced the band to breakup and now we all find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. I am the only one that doesn’t live with a member of the old crew and until my new roommates come to town I feel so alone. I don’t even have WiFi in this house, which not only makes me feel alone, but also disconnected from the outside world. Don’t ask me about world news, because I don’t know shit. I’m supposed to write a blog post for an internship that I would like to pursue, but again since I have no idea what is happening outside of this house I haven’t done it yet. I got my WiFi router yesterday and tried setting it up, but I think my landlord fucked up the wires and for a day and a half I’ve looked at a router that doesn’t work. This conundrum that I have been in has confirmed that I and probably most of my generation would not survive without WiFi and phones. I need WiFi really bad. I think if I don’t get it soon I’ll probably continue to cry in the corner. I’m pretty sure this is worse than Hell.

A reenactment of me right now.

Screw this house, until I get WiFi.


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