Hard Knocks Won’t Help The Browns

Full disclosure, I have only seen the first episode of this years Hard Knocks, but I believe that even with a camera crew, the Cleveland Browns will continue to suck. My partner in crime believes that the team will go 7-9, which would be an improvement on their past two seasons record of 1-31. He’s also a Chicago Bears fan if that says anything. There is no way that this team improves by that much, especially with minimal change to the coaching staff. Todd Haley is a huge upgrade at offensive coordinator, but they still have Hue Jackson leading the team in his third year and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The team ranked last in points for and second to last in points against last season. The upside to the Browns is they did make some decent moves in the offseason.

The Browns drafted quarterback Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick and traded with the Buffalo Bills to get Tyrod Taylor at quarterback as well. They also added Carlos Hyde at running back, who had been the only bright spot in his past few s


easons with San Francisco. Probably the best pickup for the Browns has been Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry. I have no doubt that these pieces will help produce wins, but I think the problem with this team is internal.

Watching Jarvis Landry yell at his teammates in the first episode showed the lack of discipline that the team has and a failure in the coaching staff to provide that discipline. Landry will be a leading presence in that locker room, but he can’t be the only one stepping in to question the team.

The team also lost ten time Pro Bowl offensive lineman Joe Thomas to retirement, leaving huge shoes to fill at his position. Wide receiver Josh Gordon is also looking to contribute in his first full season back. He’s returning from his almost three year suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. He also was not present for the teams first two preseason games.

To me, Hard Knocks has only made me ask more questions about this team. What have been their problems in the past? Has anything really changed? Will they win more than one game? Even with all these questions I am interested in seeing if this all works out. If the Browns don’t win more than 5 games, I think there will be big changes in the organization.

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