Oh Shit School Starts Tomorrow

“Whose excited for school tomorrow!!!” says the enthusiastic adult to the unenthusiastic student.

Well shit, summer has finally reached a close for me, and I’m probably not alone in saying, I am not excited at all for school to start. Fortunately for me, my ability to plan so well has allowed me to only have class Tuesday and Thursday. This is a fantastic schedule and I am ruing the end of this semester. Most likely next semester will consist of a 5 day a week class schedule. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

For all of you nervous about your first day, don’t worry you’re not alone. If you are new to a school just try and make friends with people that share the same interests. For me, athletics has always helped me find my best and closest friends. Find others that like the same things you like. There are so many people at schools that there will be people who share the same interests.

School is not a great time, but it is the last time that you can really enjoy less responsibility. So enjoy yourself, and make this school year a great one.

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