Lately I’ve been slacking off (a lot) and haven’t been posting much, but I plan on changing that. I want to be more consistent with writing in here, using this as another outlet for friends and whoever to get a little deeper into my head. To catch up, all of my friends officially have left my home town. I’m the only one that stayed, and not missing the hell out of all of my boys, hasn’t gotten easier. Growing up is a trip, but I know my buddies and I are the type where once I see these goofy fucks again we won’t miss a beat. Also I tore my acl and a couple other things in my knee riding dirtbikes at Ocotillo Wells last week. I’m trying to stay positive but man. I’ve been cooped up on the couch and it’s been so boring. However, it could always be worse. I’m glad to be back on here, and I hope whoever reads my posts enjoys them!

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