Top 10 Memorable Game of Thrones Moments

OK this is a lot different then the sports I usually talk about, but come on, Game of Thrones is soooooo fucking good. I started watching at the beginning of June and I already finished. I binged the crap out of this show and let me tell you I can’t wait till season 8. This post is going to be full of spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet a big fat spoiler alert is in effect right now.

game of thrones
Credit: HBO


10) Daenerys Targaryen stepping into the fire. 

The moment we believed in the Mother of Dragons was when Dany stepped into the fire of Khal Drogo’s pyre and came out unscathed. I mean wow, this proved to herself and to Jorah Mormont that she was a force to be reckoned with. Don’t forget this was also the first time we see the dragons. I mean what a moment to end the first season on.

9) Ned Starks beheading.

The first big player to bite the dust was honorable Ned Stark. This was the moment that I realized anyone could die in game of thrones. I didn’t even think he actually died. I thought there was no way. Ned Stark tried to prove that Joffrey Baratheon wasn’t the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and was killed for it. After even admitting that he was a traitor and begging for forgiveness at the wishes of his daughter, Joffrey still had him executed. This was heartbreaking and people realized at that point, no main character is safe.

8) The destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.

This was vicious. Cersei Lannister out of hate and vengeance decided to put an end to the religious power she herself put into place. The High Sparrow had proven to be uncontrollable. Cersei couldn’t manipulate him and this obviously was going to be a problem. He accuses Cersei of incest with her cousin and brother. After admitting to the former she was forced to make the walk of atonement nude through Kings Landing. The High Sparrow then convinced, her son, King Tommen Baratheon to combine the faith with the throne. None of this was what Cersei wanted and so instead of showing up to her trial she blew up the Sept of Baelor with dragon fire. This killed all the Tyrell’s, her uncle who was leading the Lannister army, the High Sparrow and all his followers. Margaery Tyrell was the queen and wife to Tommen and after he witnessed the Spet exploding he jumped from his window killing himself. Cersei killed all her enemies in Kings Landing with one move and put herself into position to be the first Queen to rule the realm. This was insane and a move that showed Cersei was done playing puppet master.

7) When Tyrion kills Tywin.  

The moment that Tyrion switched sides and stood up to his father. Tywin was sending his son to die for a crime he knew he didn’t commit and Tyrion had enough. Tyrion saw the women he loved in his father’s bed and he killed her then killed his father while he was on the toilet. A super emotional moment and the sadness in Tyrion’s eyes showed that he had been betrayer for the last time. Killing his father separated him from his siblings and allowed him to become adviser to Daenerys Targaryen’s. This moment has since changed the Lannisters and Daenerys.

6) The death of Joffrey Baratheon.

One of the most iconic and satisfying moments in the series so far was watching that little twerp Joffrey die. Being a dick to Sansa Stark and his uncle Tyrion started the fan wide hatred for him. He was an abusive, psychotic and deranged child that enjoyed watching others suffer. He killed prostitutes, ordered other to hurt his enemies and tried to make a mockery of anyone that he felt threatened by. His satisfying and much anticipated death from poison gave fans what they wanted and finally finished off one of the most hated characters in television history.

5) The battle at Hardhome. 

The first time we witnessed the true power of the White Walkers came against the Free Folk and members of the Nights Watch. Holy shit what a moment it was. Jon Snow took members of the Nights Watch to Hardhome to try to recruit the Free Folk to aid against the White Walkers. The White Walkers showed up and absolutely demolished Hardhome. We learned Valyrian Steel is powerful enough to kill a Walker and that the Walkers are going to be a tough opponent when the Long Night happens. The moment that gives me the chills every time is when Jon Snow looks back at all the dead Free Folk and the Night King. The Night King looks back and raises his arms and turns all the dead people into White Walkers. The look of defeat and hopelessness in Snows eyes was how everyone watching felt. How the hell are they going to kill all those Walkers.

4) Arya Stark killing the Freys. 

Arya has been though a lot since her fathers execution and she’s been taking names to get her revenge. The Freys betrayed her family during the Red Wedding. Arya starts her rampage by cooking Walder Frey’s sons, Black Walder and Lothar Frey into a pie and feeding them to Walder. She then slits his throat killing him and then taking his face to fool the rest of the Freys. She gathers all the Freys together and disguised as Walder proceeded to poison all their drinks a kill the Freys. What a bad ass move. Arya is one of the best characters in this show and watching her get revenge against her families enemies has been giving fans satisfaction for a while. I hope she continues to finish off her list.

3) Jon Snows death.

Jon Snow has been one of the fan favorites on the show and when he was betrayed by his brothers in the Nights Watch fans were outraged. He was killed because he sided with the Free Folk. For thousands of years the Free Folk and the Nights Watch have been at war and even had a battle before allying with each other. The final stab to the chest was from Snows young squire Olly whose family was killed by the Free Folk. This was a devastating death but a couple of episodes later Snow was brought back to life by the Red Witch. A heartbreaking moment. Snows revival changed the Nights Watch and his future letting him avenge his family now that his watch is over.

2) The Red Wedding. 

One of the most heartbreaking moments of all time is the murders at the Red Wedding. Robb Stark broke his oath to the Freys by marrying someone else instead of Walders daughter. The Freys lured the Starks and their allies to the Twins for the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey. During the reception the band plays The Rains of Castamere and the mood get ire. Catelyn Stark looks around and sees Roose Bolton’s arm guards. The Freys then proceed to kill their guests. Archers shoot at Rodd and Lothar Frey stabs Rodd’s wife in her pregnant stomach and she bleeds out. Rodd then gets stabbed by a dagger from Bolton and Black Walder slits Catelyn Starks throat. The Freys finish it off by sewing Rodds wolfs head to his body and parading him around. This was supposed to be the end of the Norths rebellion and many of the houses felt the defeat. This ended the northerners hope for the King of the North but not for long.

1) The Battle of the Bastards. 

Probably one of the greatest battle scenes to be put on television. The Battle of the Bastards pitted Ned Starks bastard, Jon Snow, against Roose Bolton’s, Ramsey Bolton. Ramsey starts the battle by letting Jon’s brother, Rickon Stark, go and run to Jon as Ramsey shoots arrows at him. As we think Rickon is safe Ramsey shoots him through the chest right in front of Jon. Wow talk about emotional. This pissed off Jon enough to forget about the battle plan and charge at the Bolton army. A fantastic and competitive battle ensues. Jon’s army looks to be finished when Ramsey’s surrounds them. The Knights of the Vale arrive and help the destroy the Bolton army and Jon chases after Ramsey. Jon’s army takes Winterfell and he beats the shit out of Ramsey. The North found a new King when Jon defeated Ramsey and all the houses returned to the aid of the Starks. This battle reunited the North against the Lannisters and Jon also has allied himself with Daenerys Targaryen. A move that will benefit both sides before the Long Night and after it’s over.

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