I’m Upset At the Cardinals

This NFL season was filled with adversity for every team, but what I can not believe, is that the Arizona Cardinals missed the playoffs.

  1. THERE WAS AN EXTRA PLAYOFF SPOT! All they had to do was go above .500, yet they decided to lose winnable games. It started early with the losses to the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers. Both of these teams finished 5-11. Alright fine it was early in the season, but both teams had losing records before the start of those games. Ergo the Cardinals SHOULD have won. Then they lost to the Dolphins, Patriots, Seahawks, 49ers and the Rams twice. The Dolphins were on the cusp of a playoff spot so that is a fair loss. The Patriots have been in shambles all season and finished 7-9, not a great loss. The rest of the losses were to division rivals. The Seahawks and Rams are in the playoffs, but the 49ers finished 6-10 and beat the Cardinals with a skeleton team. The worst loss of them all comes in the last game of the season. THE RAMS DIDN’T HAVE THEIR QUARTERBACK. This is embarrassing for a team with Arizona’s potential. They had been one of the best teams in total offense all season, they have the best wide receiver in the league and a quarterback who was a dark horse MVP candidate all season. The defense was not good in a lot of games but they stayed above average. All I’m saying is that this was a great season to make the postseason. They probably don’t win a playoff game, but experience is so important for such a young team.
  2. I think Kliff Kingsbury tries to be too cute. One of the most infuriating things I consistently saw was the offense doing too much and losing yards. I think Kingsbury has the right guys to run a successful offense, but he needs to step back on the play calling duties. He does not manage games well and his sense of the moment feels off. He goes away from the run game too quick and tries to call too fancy of run plays. This is probably more because of personnel, but they have to trust the guy they payed 8.5 million to run the ball. I think they either need to bring in a new offensive coordinator to help with that or Tom Clements needs more responsibilities. Someone needs to work with Kingsbury to get the most out of this talented offense next season.
  3. The defense improved a lot from last season. I know people hate Vance Joseph, but his defense saved so many games for the Cardinals. I don’t think he should be fired especially if they keep the same offensive coaches. If anyone gets fired it should be on both sides of the ball because there is equal blame. This upcoming draft will no doubt help the growth of this team, but a focus of prospects should be on the offensive line. It has improved but they still have a long way to go, and protecting Kyler is the biggest priority.

This season was a disappointment and any positive adjective to describe it is wrong. They should be in the playoffs and they should have been a contender this season. Fine, I guess I’ll get my hopes up for next season early. Now all my hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of the Phoenix Suns…(barf noises).

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